Building Use

We believe that Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ is more than just a building. Yet we also understand God has placed our facility, purposefully, in the heart of Kansas City. We invite others to use our building because we are transformed through connections with those outside our family. We realize that our physical structure is an instrument for ministry, not a monument, memorial or museum.

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That’s why we make our building available to church members and members of the community at large who are aligned with the mission and ministries of CCCUCC. Unfortunately due to tax regulations, use of the building by for profit organizations or sole proprietors is not allowed.

If you are interested in using our facility, for a wedding, reception, or any other non-profit purpose that aligns with our mission, contact the Church Office Manager who will verify the  requested times, date and space are available. You will be given  a Building Use Form to be completed and, when applicable, a Room Rental Agreement. You’ll be asked to complete the forms and return them to the Church Office Manager at least one week before the event. Fees and deposits associated with the use of the building are due on or before the date of the event unless special arrangements are made with the Church Office Manager.